Alberto Toribio – ing

Alberto Toribio

Ambassador at Cryptoplaza

With over 10 years of experience in innovation, I am a technology specialist. I am equally dedicated to designing products and leading technical teams to enable their realization.

I have worked as a technology expert for agencies such as the Ministry of Internal Affairs or the Supreme Court, private firms such as Sony Entertainment or Telefónica I+D and I have led Big Data projects in companies such as Stratio.

I founded Coinffeine, the first startup of Blockchain participated by a bank: Bankinter.

In 2015 I also created a Blockchain consulting company from which I have launched projects and startups for large IBEX companies.

My experience has led me to collaborate with organizations such as the EDF in New York, the European Commission in Brussels, Europol in The Hague and the Congress of Deputies or Bank of Spain among others.

TOPIC: The battle between CBDCs and Crypto / DeFi,… the winter of cryptocurrencies is coming to an end.

ABSTRACT: The same technology that made Bitcoin possible is digitizing value, that is, things like money, debt, or financial products. Now that all of that is digital, a movement called DeFi is treading the same footsteps that Wall Street followed a century ago. We are witnessing the creation of a new capital market, and those who master technology today have access to great opportunities. In this conference you will discover how decentralized finance works, and how companies around the world use these new types of loans, insurance or stable price cryptocurrencies

TIME: Thursday, September 3, 12:30 (-3 GTM)