Alejandro Santander – ing

Alejandro Santander

Solidity Engineer at Synthetix

"Too structured to be an artist. Too crazy to be an engineer. A strange middle ground.

  • PANEL de DEFI – Current and future situation.
    • Moderador: Juan Pablo Mejía 
    • PARTICIPANTES: Pablo Candela (AAVE), Nadia Alvarez (MakerDAO), Manuel Ferrari (MoneyOnChain),  Yonathan Lapchik (SUKU), Alejandro Santander (Synthetix)
    • HORA: jueves 3 de setiembre, 13:30 pm (GMT -3)
  • WORKSHOP: "Introduction to Ethereum"
    • Time: Friday, September 4 2:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. (-3 GTM)