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Dale Chrystie

Blockchain Strategist at FedExirector 

Dale Chrystie is a business fellow and blockchain strategist for FedEx, based in the Memphis area. He also serves as chairman of the Blockchain in Transport Alliance (BiTA) Standards Council and is a member of the Blockchain Research Institute. He was awarded the inaugural Enterprise Blockchain Award in Enterprise & Industry Leadership and speaks globally on the business and strategy aspects of blockchain and emerging technologies. His focus on ‘coopetition’ in the blockchain space continues to challenge conventional wisdom and typical corporate and regulatory culture. Dale's career in transportation began more than 30 years ago, and in addition to his work leading the first proof of concept at FedEx using blockchain technology, he has extensive experience in strategy, quality, process improvement, portfolio management, human resources, operations, sales, education, risk, and standards development.

TOPIC: Blockchain and Supply Chain at FedEx – (in English)

Blockchain is a technology discussion, but it is not only a technology discussion. The transformative nature of peer-to-peer technology, smart contracts and standards means it is not just each of us competing against each other to ‘win’ in this space, it actually means our success in this area will be measured by how we work together as a global team.

TIME: Thursday, September 3, 18:00 pm (GMT -3)