Elian Huesca – ing

Elian Huesca

DECRED  - Marketing & Community Contractor

Consultant on cryptomoney industries. Latam Ops Lead Decred.org International speaker on cryptomoney and blockchain in Mexico, Netherlands, Argentina, Uruguay, Colombia, Bolivia and Venezuela. Passionate about global issues and disruptive technologies.

TOPIC: Governance in Blockchain. Challenges and prospects for the future.

One of the biggest challenges that arise in the blockchain ecosystem is decision-making and power relations, how to decide in a decentralized way about the future of the ecosystem? is the question we are presented with when we think of blockchain governance. This talk addresses what are the challenges of decision-making and what are the possible prospects for the future. Taking some examples of projects that are working with governance mechanisms, we will analyze how alternatives to decision making are being created in decentralized ecosystems.

TIME: Thursday, September 3, 16:30 pm (GMT -3)