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Enrique Topolansky

CIE Director of the ORT Uruguay University.

Director of the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center of the ORT Uruguay University (CIE). For 20 years it contributes to the development of the echo entrepreneurial and innovative system of Uruguay and the region, in which he has worked different roles, entrepreneur, mentor, angel investor. I integrate the founding team of the first technology-based incubator in Uruguay. Pioneer in promoting the Orange economy in Uruguay.


  • Master in Business and Administration, MBA. ORT University,
  • Diploma in Computing and Information System. University of Oxford, England.
  • Master in Computing ORT University, Uruguay.
  • Bachelor of Computer Science, ORT University,
  • Entrepreneurship Fellow at Stanford University, STVP USA
  • Certificate in Entrepreneurship Education, Babson College, USA.

PANEL: Blockchain  Education

MODERATOR: Gonzalo Sobral (CIE/ORT)

WITH: Tomás Groos (Cryptorocket), Cristobal Pereira (LatAmTech, mifuturofinanciero.com y Godzillion), Joaquin Moreno (BTC ESPAÑOL, Metamesh.com), Enrique Topolanski (CIE)

TIME: Friday, September 4, 14:50p.m. (-3 GTM)