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Gonzalo Boix

Banking Industry at IBM Uruguay

Computer Systems Engineer and Master in Business Administration with more than 30 years of experience in the application of information technologies to improve the management and productivity of companies.

Responsible for the development of the strategy and training in Blockchain in IBM Uruguay. Leading workshops and talks with clients and within IBM, he managed to generate understanding of the usefulness, characteristics and limitations of blockchain in companies. Having held Blockchain conferences in different areas along with the workshops held, he managed to develop an ecosystem for the adoption of this technology.

Identifying, leading and developing solutions for the banking industry, government, retail and dairy establishments are activities carried out throughout the course of his career.

With extensive experience in leading multidisciplinary groups to establish contacts and meet the objectives and needs of customers in projects involving solutions, services, hardware and / or software.

TOPIC: IBM - Blockchain for business

TIME: Thursday, September 3, 17:00 (GMT -3)