Ian Gauci-ing

Ian Gauci

Managing Partner at GTG

Founding Partner GTG Advocates, Afilexion & Caledo. Advisor for Government, industry and various Authorities including Malta Financial Services Authority & Malta Digital Innovation Authority. Goal driven and with a keen interest in technology, Blockchain, DLT,Robolaw, Big Data, AI, Fintech and RegTech. Founding member of the Maltese IT Lawyers Association & Blockchain Malta. Ian works in Technology Law in particular, E Commerce, Cyber Law, Data Protection, GDPR, Gaming, Telecommunications and IT. He also works extensively in issues dealing with Competition Law and Consumer Legislation and lectures Legal Futures and Technology Law & Blockchain to LLB/LLD & Masters as well as in the LLM and Blockchain Masters Course. He is also a tutor, examiner and supervisor for students submitting their dissertations in these courses.

TOPIC: SMART CONTRACTS – As an innovative artefact… (in English)


Humans and societies always find ways to lower uncertainty, to innovate and to evolve. This is a continuous journey. Law and contracts are a natural outcome of people living and working together, a continuance of our human history and development. The presentation will tackle smart contracts as an innovative artefact and the next chapter of our journey, leading us to a new legal order.

TIME: Friday, September 4, 10:40 am (-3 GTM)