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Ignacio Varese Isern

Co-Founder and CEO of Blockchain Summit UY & Co-Founder and CEO of BlockBear 

Ignacio Varese is a Computer Engineer, PMP with a Master in Business Administration (MBA).

Experience as a project, program and portfolio manager for public and private organizations in Uruguay, and abroad. Co-founder, CEO of Blockbear Blockchain for Business and Co-founder of the Uruguay Blockchain Summit UY conference.

  • TOPIC: Introduction to Bitcoin and Blockchain
    • TIME: Thursday, September 3, 9:30 am (GMT -3)
  • PANEL - Challenges for Blockchain adoption
    • WITH: Omar Saadoun (Aeternity), AGESIC, Ignacio Varese (Blockchain Summit Global), Ricardo Ruano (Hyperledger)
    • TIME: Friday, September 4, 19:00 pm (-3 GTM)
Ignacio Varese