Javier Borkenztain – ing

Javier Borkenztain

Co-founder and CEO at Fiter, Financial Technologies Revolution

My mission: To solve financial inclusion towards financial independence for all. My focus is on the unbanked and financially excluded people.

At Fiter we are bridging the gap between finance and technology. We work with open source technologies and open standards.

In Kuelap, Inc. I helped develop the new generation of digital financial services platform. Using bleeding edge technologies to give all financial institutions, Fintech innovators and the unbanked with a revolutionary product for the day to day financial needs.

At Mifos I was responsible for the development of the Latin American market, and the proof concept of different go to market approaches before launching Kuelap.

I co-founded $ERO; a Central Bank licensed e-Money Institution where we developed the new generation of banking services for the 2 billion unbanked around the world.

I have been working in the Fintech space for a decade. I was COO at Micropagos (sold to Inswitch). There, I helped develop more than 100 different mobile payments and banking applications for Visa, Banco Santander, Banco Itau, Movistar, and others.

Before that, I worked in a traditional industrial engineering consulting company, where I started as an intern in sales, and after nine years I created four new successfully business units, from scratch. Two of them, actually, became spin-offs of the original company.

I like to create, to start new things, to explore and to learn.

PANEL: Blockchain and the financial system

MODERATOR: Nicolás de Marco (Master en Blockchain, Smart Contracts & Criptoeconomy, MBA)

WITH: Fernando Arriola (Paraguayan FinTech Chamber), Javier Borkenztain (Fiter), Eloisa Cadenas (CryptoFintech), Diego Amarillo (HSBC)

TIME: Friday, September 4, 12:10 pm (-3 GTM)