Joaquin Moreno – ing

Joaquín Moreno

CEO-Founder at BTCenEspañol | Partner at

Since 2013 in the Bitcoin / Crypto industry, he co-created the 1st online Bitcoin course in Spanish and Portuguese (2014), assembled Globant's global blockchain practice, developed business in Mexico, Colombia and Central America in Consensys. He is currently a partner at and creates educational content at

PANEL: Blockchain  Education

MODERATOR: Gonzalo Sobral (CIE/ORT)

WITH: Tomás Groos (Cryptorocket), Cristobal Pereira (LatAmTech, y Godzillion), Joaquin Moreno (BTC ESPAÑOL,, Enrique Topolanski (CIE)

TIME: Friday, September 4, 14:50p.m. (-3 GTM)