Manuel Ferrari – ing

Manuel Ferrari

Co-Founder at MoneyOnChain

Co-Founder of Money On Chain, the first DeFi protocol that allows the creation of Stablecoins using Bitcoin as collateral.

Manuel started his career at ABN AMRO Bank. Later he was a consultant for the World Bank, Atos Origins and the Inter-American Development Bank.

Before Money On Chain, he was in charge of executive positions of operations and business development in technology firms such as SAP, in different Latin American countries. Manuel has a degree in Administration from the University of Buenos Aires and an MBA from IAE Business School, where he is currently visiting professor.

DEFI PANEL - Current and future situation.

Moderator: Juan Pablo Mejía

SPEAKERS: Pablo Candela (AAVE), Nadia Alvarez (MakerDAO), Manuel Ferrari (MoneyOnChain),  Yonathan Lapchik (SUKU), Alejandro Santander (Synthetix)

TIME: Thursday, September 3, 13:30 pm (GMT -3)