María Salgado Iturrino – ing

María Salgado Iturrino

Blockchain Manager in IECISA

Blockchain Manager at Computer Science at El Corte Inglés (IECISA) as part of the Digital Identity and Cybersecurity Unit since 2018. Consulting, pre-sales and implementation. Architect and developer of blockchain. Member of the core team of the sovereign identity commission of Alastria. First promotion of blockchain application developers by the Computing School of Spain (Universidad Internacional de la Rioja). Software Engineer from Universidad Complutense de Madrid with a Master's degree in Computer Engineering from Universidad Politécnica de Madrid.

TOPIC: Sovereign Identity - DALION

ABSTRACT: A revolutionary concept on blockchain technology that allows each of us to manage our information in a totally decentralized way, guaranteeing the privacy of user activity. What is being done in Spain (Alastria)? And in LATAM (LACChain)? And in Europe (ESSIF)? It is already a reality!

TIME: Friday, September 4, 11:10 am (-3 GTM)