María Sanguinetti – ing

María Sanguinetti

Director Of Public Relations at æternity blockchain

With a background in Business Development, I work for the expansion of æternity blockchain in Americas as part of the Americas Team, co-creating new business solutions based on blockchain, such as traceability. She feels blockchain is the future that is already here. æternity blockchain offers a safe, scalable way for companies to switch to this new technology and her role is to enable this happening. As Public Relations Director, Mariana creates innovative experiences for people that are in contact with the æternity brand at events, gatherings, and meet ups, helping expose the use of this technology in an understandable and entertaining way.

  • Fireside chat with Amiti Uttawar about Bitcoin and women in the tech world.
    • TIME: Thursday, September 3, 15:00 (-3 GTM)
  • PANEL: How to generate Blockchain ecosystems?
    • MODERATOR: Pamela González Perilli – Blockchain Core Developer at IOVLabs
    • WITH: Pedro Gutierrez (NEM), Daniel de Michele (IOTA), Mariana Sanguinetti (AETERNITY)
    • TIME: Friday, September 4, 16:30 pm (-3 GTM)