Marta Piekarska – ing

Marta Piekarska

Director of Ecosystem, Hyperledgero

Marta serves as the Director of Ecosystem at Hyperledger. Marta studied in Warsaw and Berlin, obtaining a double Masters and a PhD in Computer Science. Her professional career started with Security and Privacy in the Telekom space. In 2015 she drunk the Kool-Aid and joined Blockckstream, one of the more significant Bitcoin companies.

As part of her role in Hyperledger Marta evangelizes technology and Open Source at conferences around the world and helps enterprises with applying permissioned Blockchains to their use-cases. Marta is passionate about how Blockchain can help in non-traditional spaces, such as identity, last mile aid and education delivery, and sustainability. Leading the public speaking and outreach at Hyperledger, she has given numerous interviews, both written and in visual media. Marta also formed the W3C Blockchain Community Group and Trustee and a Chair of the Sovrin Technical Governing Board, and part of the Cambridge Blockchain Society Committee.

TOPIC: “Hyperledger Greenhouse and its best applications” – (in English)

SCHEDULE: Thursday, September 3, 10:30 am (-3 GMT)