Nicolas de marco – ing

Nicolas De Marco

Master in Blockchain (University of Alcalá)

I obtained a master's degree in Blockchain, smart contracts and crypto economics.

I have more than 10 years of experience in private consulting and public sector, both within the financial world.

My skills and experience focus on strategy, technology and finance. I currently have a position in the Strategic Planning division of the Central Bank of Uruguay (2014-today) in charge of the design and execution of projects focused on innovation, optimization of business processes and people development; aimed at improving the value delivered to our society.

Ethereum 2.0 is just around the corner and promises to solve the security - scalability - decentralization trilemma. It gives us a versatile platform on which anyone can execute code in a systematic, secure and decentralized manner. There are so many opportunities that we face a new era of the web.

PANEL: Blockchain and the financial system

MODERATOR: Nicolás de Marco (Master en Blockchain, Smart Contracts & Criptoeconomy, MBA)

WITH: Fernando Arriola (Paraguayan FinTech Chamber), Javier Borkenztain (Fiter), Eloisa Cadenas (CryptoFintech), Diego Amarillo (HSBC)

TIME: Friday, September 4, 12:10 pm (-3 GTM)