Pablo Zanetta – ing

Pablo Zanetta

Lawyer in Criptoevolution firm (founder/owner) - MSc in Digital Currency

Specialized in Computer Law; MSc in Blockchain and Digital Currency, University of Nicosia.

Sub-specialized in Compliance, Regulation and Criminal Maneuvers with Crypto-Currency.

(Institute For the Future, University of Nicosia y Cipher Trace).

PANEL: Legaltech

MODERATOR: Agustina Perez (Estudio Olivera)

WITH: Pablo Zanetta (Estudio Criptoevolution ), Florencia Castagnola (G&R), Daniel Rybnik (EnterPricing), Rosine Kadamani (Blockchain Academy)

TIME: Friday, September 4, 10:00 am (-3 GTM)