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Rosine Kadamani

Entrepreneur & Advisor // #Blockchain #Data&Privacy #Fintech&Banking #FutureofLaw

  • Experience in research and advisory for corporations and for the public sector relating to potential
    use of blockchain & Distributed Ledger Technologies in the production (supply chain,
    automotive) and financial sectors (banks, financial inclusion).
  • Experience in advisory for digital transformation, including strategic data planning, for the public
  • Research on privacy & technology related matters.
  • Legal background and partnerships which provide subsidy for public policies.
  • Research on blockchain for social inclusion and for women protection
  • Co-founder and CEO of the Blockchain Academy, the first Brazilian educational project focused on the development and formation of an innovative ecosystem of entrepreneurs, new business models and initiatives using Blockchain infrastructures and DLTs. It started in Brazil in October 2016 and is made up of experienced professionals in their respective areas of activity - Developers, Lawyers, Economists, Business and Innovation.
  • Lawyer for 13 years at Pinheiro Neto Advogados. Specialized in Banking Law. Graduated in Law by PUC-SP and postgraduate in LLM - Financial Market and capital by INSPER-SP. MBA - Banking and Financial Institutions at FGV / SP (partial)

PANEL: Legaltech

MODERADORA: Agustina Perez (Estudio Olivera)

PARTICIPANTES: Pablo Zanetta (Estudio Criptoevolution ), Florencia Castagnola (G&R), Daniel Rybnik (EnterPricing), Rosine Kadamani (Blockchain Academy)

HORA: Viernes 4 de setiembre, 10:00 am (-3 GTM)