Sasha Ivanova – ing

Sasha Ivanova

CEO de Sharp Shark.

I graduated as an Information Systems Engineer, studied the Spanish Language at the National University of Colombia, and then went back for my postgraduate as a Digital Media Editor in Moscow School of Editors. With significant previous experience as a translator, writer, and columnist in technology, I started a new career as a Blockchain writer. After a series of resonance publications in Russian media, I joined the Loom Network project, made a Russian localization and media coverage of ​Cryptozombies​, and became familiar with Solidity.
Being passionate for Distributed Ledger Technologies, in a short time, I passed from writer to Blockchain media editor and public speaker in Cryptocurrency meetups and conferences, event organization, and then Business Developer. In November 2017, I won the competition for the best Blockchain writer in ​ICO Startup and in short term growed from editor-in-chef to business developer and product manager.
I investigated a lot about Blockchain and fell in love with NEM for being the most solid Blockchain for education, government, and big enterprise. Assuming the position of NEM Ambassador in Argentina and then Business developer, I took the opportunity to spread the Blockchain technology in the country.
In June 2019 my Blockchain startup, Sharp Shark was selected for Corfo / StartUp Chile incubation program.

TOPIC: Journalism & blockchain

TIME: Friday, September 4, 13:20 pm (-3 GTM)