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Silvia Emaldi

President of UTE

Silvia Emaldi Ficcio was born in the city of Montevideo, Uruguay on May 17, 1964. She graduated from the Faculty of Engineering, at the University of the Republic in December 1988 with the title of Computer Systems Engineer.

She joined UTE in 1986 as a Programmer in the Informatic Systems Division. Later, she worked as a Systems Analyst and in 1988 joined the UTE Management Improvement Project where she specialized in database administration, then went on to also manage the operating systems, communications and Computer Centers of UTE.

In 1993 she acceded to the Database and Technical Support Deputy Management, then to the Systems Technical Sector Management and in 1998 to the position of Information Systems Division Manager, a unit that she has received on two occasions (1998 and 2005) the National Quality Award. Through the External Consultancy of UTE, she participated in different management improvement projects, highlighting her participation in ANTEL, BROU, OSE, Customs, Presidency of the Republic.

In particular, between 2006 and 2007 she served as Director of the External Consulting Project that UTE developed in CADAFE-Venezuela. Since 2008 he has held the position of Manager of the Corporate Services Area. In 2011 she obtained the title of Master in Business Management and Administration (MBA), IEEM-University of Montevideo.

She has participated in courses, seminars, congresses and conferences on professional updating in project management, quality, information technology and telecommunications. She has been invited to give multiple conferences at national and international level related to management improvement processes and Information technologies.

TOPIC: The Uruguayan Electricity Matrix and the importance of Renewable Energy Certificates

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