Tomas Groos – ing

Tomas Groos

Co-Founder & COO Cryptorocket

Industrial designer and entrepreneur dedicated to the development and expansion of startups.

After creating the Cryptorocket group consulting firm together with my partners, I co-founded and assumed as director at in order to spread knowledge on Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies. I work in the search for new opportunities that help the academy grow and in the day to day with its internal operations. I am also an active contractor and collaborator of the Decred project.

PANEL: Blockchain  Education

MODERATOR: Gonzalo Sobral (CIE/ORT)

WITH: Tomás Groos (Cryptorocket), Cristobal Pereira (LatAmTech, y Godzillion), Joaquin Moreno (BTC ESPAÑOL,, Enrique Topolanski (CIE)

TIME: Friday, September 4, 14:50p.m. (-3 GTM)